Company Overview

IEI (SZ) Technology Co.,LTD. --IEI Technology Corp. partner, was founded in 2002, IEI(SZ) focuses on industrial computer and networking produsts that provide system integrators and end-users in China.

Over the last few years, IEI(SZ) has successfully launched more than 600 products including single board computers, servers, industrial PC chassis, workstations, panel PC, flash disk, PC/104 products, power supply and backplanes. IEI(SZ)'s products are now applied in thousands of computer-based applications such as factory automation, computer telephony integration, Networking Appliance, security system, POS system, in fields like national defense, police administration, transportation, communication base station, and medical instrument.

R&D and Sales

Research and Development is the kernel of IEI(SZ). We have strong and creative technical designing power and have shown outstanding researching ability in product development. IEI(SZ)'s OEM/ODM team is expertizing in tailoring products to fulfill customers' requirements. From simple modification to complex application integration, IEI(SZ)'s OEM/ODM team is willing to serve you with project planning, custom application solution, and technical assistance.

Quality Assurance

IEI(SZ) abides by the internationally recognized ISO standards to produce manufacturing quality guidelines and operation guidelines. For product design phase, our R&D department goes through an intense design review and simulation process. Our quality control programs include: Incoming Quality Control, In Process Quality Control, Reliability Testing, Environment Testing, and EMI Testing. All IEI(SZ) products go through rigorous tests in our production line, and dynamic aging in our burn-in room.