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Features Features
  - RoHS compliant design
- One 2.5" hard drive bay
- Two USB ports on the front panel
Ordering Information Ordering Information
Part No. Description
EB-2850GB-8522/ACE-4518AP Embedded chassis for NOVA-8522, with ACE-4518AP-RS,black, RoHS
EB-2850GB-8450/ACE-4518AP Embedded chassis for NOVA-8450, with ACE-4518AP-RS,black, RoHS
EB-2850GB-C400/ACE-4518AP Embedded chassis for NOVA-C400, with ACE-4518AP-RS,black, RoHS
Option Option

Power Supply Options

Type Model No. Watt
ATX ACE-4518AP-RS 180 W
ATX ACE-4525AP-RS 250 W