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QNAP VioStor-2012 NVR is the 2-bay, hot-swappable network surveillance system designed for small and midsized business who demands for megapixel recording, mass storage capacity and high performance real-time monitoring.


QNAP VioStor-2012 NVR is the 2-bay, hot-swappable network surveillance system designed for small and midsized business who demands for megapixel recording, mass storage capacity and high performance real-time monitoring. The VioStor-2012 is a highly reliable standalone NVR with powerful surveillance features. Based on Linux OS, the NVR supports M-JPEG, MPEG-4, H.264 recording from popular network camera brands, e.g. AXIS, ACTi, Arecont, Canon, Cisco, D-Link, EDIMAX, ELMO, EtroVision, GANZ, iPUX, IQeye, LevelOne, Linksys, MOBOTIX, Panasonic BB/ BL/ i-Pro, SANYO, SONY, TOA, TOSHIBA, TRENDnet, VIVOTEK & Y-CAM. The NVR adopts the innovative technology to support multi-server monitoring: the NVR can be cascaded to other QNAP NVR servers to monitor up to 120 IP cameras. No extra software is required on the PC.

The VioStor-2012 NVR supports diversified recording features, e.g. schedule recording, alarm recording, alarm recording schedule, motion-detection recording, pre-alarm, and post-alarm recordings. An intuitive user interface is provided for the users to view the monitoring screens, connection status, recording status, and network bandwidth, search the recording data, and play the recording data at different speed. Other class-leading server features of the NVR include advanced data protection by RAID 0, RAID 1 and JBOD, Online RAID Capacity Expansion, Online RAID Level Migration, two Giga LAN ports for network failover, load-balancing, and multi-LAN setting, etc. Moreover, the VioStor-2012 NVR can be easily set up in 6 simple steps by the web-based GUI using the IE browser.

Powerful Features of VioStor-2012 NVR:

  • Exclusive Linux-embedded system, Intel 1.6GHz CPU and 1GB DDRII memory
  • Real-time monitoring and recording (video/ audio) from multiple network cameras (up to 12 channels)
  • Supports streaming from network cameras and servers
  • High quality motion-JPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264 recording (vary by camera models)
  • Supports recording from megapixel IP cameras (up to 8-megapixel)
  • Complete recording features: schedule recording, alarm recording, alarm recording schedule, motion-detection recording, pre-alarm, and post-alarm recordings, etc.
  • Up to 4TB storage capacity for long-term recording
  • Multi-server monitoring: Supports monitoring of up to 120 channels
  • Remote management: access and playback recordings by web browser, FTP, and Network Neighborhood anytime, anywhere
  • Trouble-free 6-step installation
  • Smart search of IP cameras for quick configuration
  • Centralized monitoring with "Click-to-Go" PTZ control and adjustable display mode
  • Digital zoom for monitoring and playback
  • The display order of the monitoring channels can be changed by drag and drop
  • Event notification on monitoring screen; real-time email alert
  • Detailed event and system logs (include users' networking services and recording data access record)
  • Schedule remote replication to NAS (Network Attached Storage) for video backup
  • Unique online user list function and access authority control
  • Multi-channel playback at different speed
  • Automatic system startup when the power resumes after power outage
  • RAID 0, RAID 1, JBOD with hot-swap design
  • Online RAID Capacity Expansion and Online RAID Level Migration
  • Convenient video backup to external USB storage by one touch auto video backup button
  • Power-saving design, consumes only 37-44W. (The power consumption of PC-based surveillance system is about 300W~350W)
  • Two Gigabit LAN ports for failover, load-balancing, or multi-IP setting
  • Supports UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for 24x7 service
  • DOM architecture with embedded fail-safe dual OS for enhanced reliability

Surveillance Features

Remote Live Monitoring, Recording and Playback
The VioStor NVR is an standalone surveillance system that supports professional grade video recording and real-time remote monitoring and playback.

High Quality Motion-JPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264 Recording (vary by camera models)

All-in-one Recording Functions

  • Continuous/ manual/ schedule recording
  • Alarm recording (by motion detection or sensor triggered)
  • Alarm recording schedule

You can set different recording schedules for different cameras. Up to 15 schedules are supported for each camera.

Variety Live Video Monitoring

  • 1/ 4/ 6/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 12/ 16/ 20/ 25/ 36/ 42-channel and sequential display mode
  • Exclusive Picture-in-Picture mode

Digital Zoom for Monitoring and Playback
The VioStor NVR supports digital zoom function for more flexible monitoring and playback. It is a powerful function for megapixel IP cameras.

Multi-server Monitoring
You can connect to the VioStor NVR and add other QNAP NVR servers to monitor up to 120 channels from a remote PC over LAN or WAN.

Supports Streaming from Network Cameras and Servers

  • Stream from the network camera
    The monitoring screens are streamed from the network cameras. When your network surveillance system (VioStor NVR), IP cameras, and PC are installed behind the router, virtual server, or firewall, you will have to configure port forwarding (port mapping) for some of the IP cameras. Please refer to
  • Stream from the server
    The monitoring screens are streamed from the video server. There is no need to configure port mapping. However, the NVR performance may be affected. You may have to adjust the recording settings according to the real performance.

Change the Display Order of the Monitoring Channels
You can switch to display the monitoring channels by selecting the IP cameras on the drop down menu or by drag and drop.


Audio Recording
The VioStor NVR supports audio recording (vary by camera models).

High Performance Megapixel Recording (up to 8-megapixel)
The VioStor NVR supports high performance megapixel recording (up to 8-megapixel) from various IP cameras.

Smart Control of PTZ & Speed Dome Cameras
The VioStor NVR enables the users to adjust the PTZ cameras directly by the web user interface.


Support Monitoring Preset Position Control
You can view different preset positions of the camera by clicking the number buttons on the monitoring page.


Event Notification on Monitoring
When alarm recording is enabled and an event occurs, an alarm icon is shown instantly on monitoring page. You can click the icon to view the alert details.


Pre-alarm and Post-alarm Recording
The VioStor NVR supports pre-alarm and post-alarm recording, which is used to record additional details before and after an event occurs.


Real-time Email Alert
The VioStor NVR sends alert e-mails to the administrator immediately in case of system error or emergent events.

E-map for Easy Preview of the Camera Location
The VioStor NVR provides exclusive E-map function for users to upload the pictures of the monitoring locations.

Video Snapshot
The VioStor NVR provides real-time monitoring as well as real-time snapshot. Users can take a snapshot of the monitoring screen anytime.

Multi-channel Playback at Different Speed
The VioStor NVR supports playback of the recording data from different monitoring channels. It also provides the Express Quad View Playback that you can either divide the selected time equally into four playback views or load four consecutive cameras to play.

Easy Data Search by Date & Time and Alarm Event
The VioStor NVR supports quick search of recording data by date and time, and alarm event.

Recordings can be Played by Windows Media Player
Users can play the files by Windows Media Player. There is no need to install unique program or convert the files to other formats.


Flexible Adjustment of the Length of Recording Files
The VioStor NVR enables the users to flexibly adjust the length of the recording files.

Powerful Schedule Remote Replication
The VioStor NVR supports Schedule Remote Replication to NAS to back up recording data in a more secure way.

Detailed Record of All Events
The VioStor NVR provides detailed event logs of system warning, hard disk error, network disconnection, UPS status, and users' networking services and recordings access record.

Easy to Use

Easy System Setup in 6 Steps
The VioStor NVR provides quick setup for users to complete installation in 6 simple steps.

Intuitive Web-based User Interface
All system configurations, monitoring, and playback can be finished by the web-based interface.

Smart Search of IP Camera for Quick Settings
QNAP provides an intelligent software utility Finder for quick IP camera search and system settings.

Convenient Quick Link Buttons of Network Camera
Besides configuring the network cameras by the administration interface of NVR, users can make use of the quick link buttons to access the management interface of the network cameras to configure the cameras.

Excellent Hardware Design

Intel 1.6GHz CPU and 1GB DDRII Memory for Superior System Performance
The VioStor NVR is an ideal & powerful network video surveillance system designed for SMB and Enterprise. Powered by Intel 1.6GHz CPU and 1GB DDRII memory, it delivers superior performance for surveillance applications.

Green NVR Solution: Linux Embedded System with Low Power Consumption
The Linux-based NVR is more power-saving and less vulnerable to virus attack compared to PC-based surveillance solution.

Smart Fan
The fan rotation speed is automatically adjusted according to the server's temperature. You can also define the system temperatures to trigger high speed or low speed rotation of the fan.

Dual Gigabit LAN Ports
Two Gigabit LAN ports for load balancing, failover, or multi-IP setting.

Support 2 High-speed SATA Hard Drives
SATA hard drives are faster than IDE hard drives, which enhance recording and playback performance.

Up to 4TB Storage Capacity for Long-term Recording
The VioStor NVR is an excellent choice for long-term recording and saving large amount of recording data.

DOM Architecture with Embedded Fail-safe Dual OS for Enhanced Reliability
All the OS and applications are embedded on the DOM. The VioStor NVR allows system booting without accessing the physical disk sectors and that prevents unsuccessful system startup caused by bad block sectors or file errors on the hard drives. Two operating systems are built on the DOM for system booting alternatively upon every system startup. When one fails, the other one will be used to boot up instead, and the failed OS is recoverable from the other healthy OS.

Lockable HDD Tray
The NVR provides lockable HDD trays to protect the physical hard drives.

High Reliability and Smart Features

Advanced RAID (0/ 1/ JBOD) with Hot-swap Design
The VioStor NVR offers advanced RAID 0, 1, Single, and JBOD disk configurations. It also supports hot-swap design that a failed drive can be replaced by hot swapping without turning off the server. Besides, the best-in-class RAID on the VioStor NVR brings users a higher level of data security by allowing one more hard drive failure than other NVR of the same level.

Online RAID Capacity Expansion and Online RAID Level Migration

Online RAID Capacity Expansion
The storage capacity of a RAID configuration can be expanded by replacing the hard drives with larger ones. All the data will be kept and seamlessly moved to the newly installed hard drives. There is no need to turn off the server during the process.

Online RAID Level Migration
Users can upgrade the disk configuration to higher RAID level with the data retained. There is no need to turnoff the server during the process.

S.M.A.R.T. & Advanced HDD Health Scanning (HHS)
The NVR supports Hard Disk Drive S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) for monitoring the hard drive status. The VioStor NVR is embedded with HHS Technology which supports disk checking and bad blocks scanning.

Intelligent Automatic System Startup when Power Resumes after Power Outage
The NVR supports intelligent power-on support. When enabled, the system turns on automatically when power resumes after power outage.


Support UPS System for 24x7 Service
The NVR supports both APC and MGE UPS devices to enable stable and continuous recording 24x7. With UPS, the system can function normally in case of power outage or unstable power supply.

Convenient Video Backup to External USB Storage by One Touch Auto Video Backup Button
The NVR supports exclusive one touch auto video backup button. Press and hold the button for 3 seconds. The recording data on VioStor will start to be copied to the USB device instantly.

Powerful Security Control and Network Services

Powerful Authority Management
The NVR enables the administrator to configure monitoring and playback authority of specified cameras for different users. The authority can be set for up to 32 users. Different monitoring and playback rights can be assigned for individual user.

Powerful Host Access Control
The administrator can specify the connections to be allowed and denied to access NVR.

Provide On-line User List
You can view the record of users currently logged on and previously logged on to the NVR.

Built-in DDNS Support
The NVR supports dynamic DNS (DDNS). You can register a unique domain name from a DDNS service provider and assign it to your NVR.

Built-in NTP Server
The date and time of the network cameras can be synchronized with the NVR.

Convenient Data Access
Users can access the recording data on the NVR by the following ways, multiple network resource sharing mechanisms are provided for users to access, maintain and play the recording files:

  • Network Neighborhood (SMB/ CIFS)
  • Web File Management (HTTP)
  • FTP server
Hardware Spec.


Intel Processor 1.6GHz


1GB DDRII RAM, 128MB flash (DOM)

HDD Capacity

2 x 3.5" SATA I/II HDD, up to 4TB
(the standard system is shipped without HHD)

HDD Tray

2 x hot-swappable and lockable tray

LAN Port

2 x Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet port

LED Indicators



3 x USB 2.0
Front: for USB storage device (One Touch Auto Video Backup)
Back: for UPS device


2 x eSATA port (back); reserved


Power, one touch auto video backup, reset

Alarm Buzzer

System warning

Form Factor



150(H) x 102(W) x 216(D) mm
5.91(H) x 4.02(W) x 8.5(D) inch

Color Box Shipping Weight

2.92 Kg (6.44 lb)

Operation Environment

Temperature 0~40˚C
Humidity 0~95% R.H.

Power Supply

External power adaptor, 60W; input:110~240V

Power Consumption

37 ~ 44W Write/Read

Secure Design

K-Lock security slot for theft prevention




7cm quiet cooling fan (12V DC)



Software Spec.
Display Mode 1/ 4/ 6/ 8/ 9/ 10/ 12/ 16/ 20/ 25/ 36/ 42-channel display, Picture-in-Picture, sequential mode
Recording Cameras Number Up to 12 channels
Compression Format Motion-JPEG/ MPEG-4/ H.264 (depends on the IP camera)
Video Setting Resolution, Quality, Frame Rate
E-map Upload E-map (JPEG)
Recording Mode Continuous/ manual/ schedule/ alarm recording, alarm recording schedule

Buffer Storage for Alarm Images (before and after events)

Pre-recording: 300 sec/ Post‒recording: 300 sec (Total 600 sec/ 10 min)
Recording Performance Up to 360 fps at D1(720x480) or VGA(640x480)
* Real performance may vary in different environment
Megapixel Recording Supports megapixel cameras (up to 8-megapixel)
File format AVI (can be played by Windows Media Player)
Snapshot Yes
Playback Channel Max. 4-channel playback at the same time
Playback Mode Play, pause, stop, reverse play, next/ previous frame, next/ previous video file, different speed control
Display Mode Single playback view, 4 playback views
Search Mode By date & time, timeline, event
Playback Enhancement Full screen display, video snapshot, digital zoom, screen recording and convert into one AVI file
Download Click to download recorded files from web page
Disk Management
  • Single disk, RAID 0 (Disk Striping), RAID 1 (Disk Mirroring), and JBOD (Linear Disk Volume)
  • Online RAID Capacity Expansion
  • Online RAID Level Migration
  • HDD S.M.A.R.T.
  • Bad blocks scan
  • Services: Web File Manager, FTP, SMB/CIFS
Support HTTP, TCP/IP, SMTP, DHCP, Static IP, DNS, DDNS, FTP, NTP, UPnP, Failover, Load-balancing, Multi-IP setting
Camera IP Address & Port Allow setting LAN/WAN IP address of each camera
Dual Gigabit LAN
  • Failover: In case one of the LAN network fails, the packets sent to the NVR will be handled by the other LAN interface
  • Load-balancing: Link aggregation is supported to increase the transfer speed
  • Multi-IP setting: The NVR can serve different network groups in two different subnets
Utility Software QNAP Finder: Discovery and quick setup for NVR
Operation System Linux-embedded, free from PC crash and virus attack
On-line Users List Record of the users currently logged on and previously logged on to the NVR
Host Access Control Specify the connections to be allowed and denied to access NVR
User Management The right to monitor and playback each camera can be separately defined for each user (up to 32 users)
Alert Notification E-mail, buzzer, event logs
UPS Support APC/ MGE (USB type UPS)
Event Logs Detailed event logs of system warning, hard disk error, network disconnection, UPS status, and users networking services, and data access
Client PC Requirement
  • Motion-JPEG format (up to 12 channels): Pentium 4 CPU 2.4 GHz or above
  • MPEG-4/ H.264 format (up to 12 channels): Dual core CPU 2.4 GHz or above
For higher surveillance performance, please select more advanced PC models.
Memory 1 GB or above
Operation System Microsoft® Windows® XP/ Vista (32-bit)
Web Browser Internet Explorer 6.0 or later
Network Interface 10/100 Mbps or above
View Resolution Suggested 1024 x 768 pixels or above
Language Support English/ French/ German/ Italian/ Japanese/ Spanish/ Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese/ Danish/ Dutch/ Finnish/ Korean/ Norwegian/ Polish/ Portuguese/ Russian/ Swedish
Package Contents
Power cord
Ethernet cable x 2
Hard disk lock
Flat head screw x 8