The whole plane multi-touch panel PC IOVU-430M Awarded as the 2009 CEC Editors Choice in Human-Machine Interface category
[ Date: 2009-11-13 9:14:53]

IEI Technology Corp., a global industrial PC innovator, is proud to introduce the awarded industrial grade multi-touch panel PC, IOVU-430M. The IOVU-430M is granted the 2009 CEC (Control Engineering China magazine) Editor's Choice in HMI (Human-Machine Interface) category. By more than 2,100 controlling engineers' on-line voting and 12 global dedicated editors' final evaluation, the IOVU-430M stands out to be the winner from the competition.PICOe-GM45A

While single point touch sensor is commonplace for panel PC and operating terminals, the IEI IOVU-430M multi-touch operating terminal provides whole plane projected-capacitor multi-touch function to enrich the interaction between human and machine. The iPhone-style multi-touch input function provides flexible touch control, enabling users to use more than one finger at a time to scroll the content, resize the window, and rotate the pictures.

IOVU-430M, powered by XScale RISC-based CPU and Windows CE 5.0, provides high performance and extremely low power consumption. And it is an open architecture for system integrators and application developers to invent any type of user interface and application software.

By features of rugged, compact design with plastic housing and fan-less system and wide operating temperature, IOVU-430M turns to be an ideal solution for any kind of operating terminal in diversified operating environments and application fields, such as industrial automation, home/building automation, and man-machine-interface applications.

Key features are listed as below:
. RISC-based processor provides high performance and extremely low power consumption
. 4.3 widescreen WQVGA TFT LCD with projected-capacitor touch screen
. Multi-touch function provides flexible touch control
. Compact design with plastic housing and fan-less system
. Built-in 1.5w speakers
. Built-in 802.11b/g WiFi function
. CAN bus and GPIO provide flexible industrial control
. The whole plane multi-touch screen and IP65 compliant
. Mini secure digital card slot for storage extension